Pwn Adventure 3 – How to install your server

Ghost in the Shellcode is an awesome CTF that contains different kinds of challenges: pwnable, crypto, web, etc. But it also has a unique category, they (kudos Rusty Wagner – Vector35) have developed Pwn Adventure 3, a MMORPG where participants have to reverse engineer the game logic and unlock items or characteristic (jump higher, run faster, etc) in order to finish “impossible” quests (7 in total).

While the team has kept an official server running – available by default when downloading the client, it is possible to run your own instance. Here are the reasons why you should use your own instance:

  • The server has limited resource so you might experience some lag if too many users are connected
  • You control you own instance with your own parameters
  • It’s always fun to build your own server
  • You won’t have problem with “already used” team/user name
  • You will be able to be part of the admin team in the game
  • You will reduce the load on the official server which would allow more people to enjoy the game (be altruistic)

If those reasons convinced you, let’s install that server!

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